Pens to Paper

We're a Calgary based stationery store with a passion for supplying the very best creative tools to Canadians.

The Story.

The inspiration for Recess goes way back to 1980’s small town Saskatchewan. No fan of the meager “toy”, young Kyle Chow would spend his early days practicing his penmanship, and stocking a briefcase with pencil crayons and paper. He didn’t earn the nickname Alex P. Keaton for nothing.

Kyle’s stationery obsession only increased thanks to a stint in business school, 4 years of design education, and partnering in his own design studio. Kyle knows first-hand the benefit of putting pen to paper: to work out ideas, remember details, gain some focus, keep track of deadlines, organize thoughts, boost productivity, or just to sketch or doodle. When you write it down, you open up the floodgates for your best ideas.

At Recess, we know that a thoughtfully considered workspace is a productive workspace. Having things around you that are not only beautifully designed, but incredibly functional helps galvanize productivity, spark creative juices, and streamline workflow. Make play, not work.

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